Running to bring integrity to Tallahassee 

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Supporting education, healthcare, the environment and integrity. 



Florida’s Constitution mandates that all children in Florida are entitled access to a uniform and high quality free public education system, let's live up to that promise.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that the United Sates ratified in 1948, at Article 25, mandates that all Americans are entitled to basic healthcare. This is a basic human right that cannot be ignored. In many respects, this is a goal that we have aspired to since that time, although unsuccessfully.

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President Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris, at first glance, appears to be a disaster for the environment. However, I am heartened by the manner in which states, cities, NGOs and individual citizens have rushed to fill the gap left by a now failed U.S. leadership. I believe that the U.S. will meet and surpass the Paris goals regardless of the president.

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As I met with hundreds of voters, one theme was repeated over and over to me: that Florida political system is corrupt. Further, many felt that changing the system would be difficult, if not impossible. I both agree and disagree. Yes, Florida politics are corrupt; changing the system will be difficult, but not impossible.

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