If we don't protect our environment, we're dooming our economy.


 I've made protection of Florida’s environment and sea level rise core elements of my beliefs. My decision to run was largely driven by my opposition to fracking.

I strongly support the Paris Agreement. While not perfect, it is a good start and it showed that the U.S. was prepared to lead on this important issue. 

President Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris, at first glance, appears to be a disaster for the environment. However, I am heartened by the manner in which states, cities, NGOs and individual citizens have rushed to fill the gap left by a now failed U.S. leadership. I believe that the U.S. will meet and surpass the Paris goals regardless of the President. 


What should Floridians be doing to protect the environment?

First, we should protect our fragile water supply. Not only do Floridians depend on it, but clean water is a must for the 112  to 120 million people who visit Florida annually. I oppose fracking and off-shore drilling. We have to be sure that agricultural and industrial runoff does not leach into our aquifers (think Mosaic). Protect out natural springs and aquifers. 

Second, I support the further development of a clean energy economy. We must boost the “Sunshine State” into the forefront of solar energy production. This includes putting solar energy production into the hands of the people, not the utilities. 

Third, we need to address the cause and effect of sea level rise that is happening throughout Florida. In both Miami and in St. Pete. Yes, I do not believe that climate change is a “Chinese hoax”.  It is both real and largely manmade and must be addressed. 

Fourth, we need to comply with the wishes of Florida voters and begin appropriating funds to purchase and protect environmentally sensitive land and to protect biodiversity for future generations. 

Finally, Florida must join with other states in the U.S. Climate Alliance, to achieve the goals set out in Paris.