Running to bring integrity to Tallahassee. 

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Taking out the corruption to build a better Florida.


Teach the Children

Florida’s Constitution mandates that all children in Florida are entitled access to a uniform and high quality free public education system, let's start living up to it.

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Heal Florida 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that the United Sates ratified in 1948, at Article 25, mandates that all Americans are entitled to basic healthcare. This is a basic human right that cannot be ignored. In many respects, this is a goal that we have aspired to since that time, although unsuccessfully.  

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Take Out Big Money, Take Out the Corruption

Special Interests not acting in the interest of the people of Florida need to be shown the door in Tallahassee and it starts with elections.

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Save Florida's Environment and Save It's Economy

Tourism brings $67 billion dollars into Florida annually, a lot of them coming to enjoy our clean air, sandy beaches and other natural areas. If we don't protect our environment, not only will we suffer but our economy will be crippled.

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